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handshake Vincent “Troy” Schmidt (License #2772979) has been a Licensed Public Adjuster for over 27 years. Troy started Public Adjusters Of Southern California in 1995 & Incorporated in 2008. Honesty, integrity, and great character were traits he was raised with and he has always admired people that have good character. are critical in anyone he chooses to work with. His entire 27 years has strictly been as a Public Adjuster, working for the Insured. Troy has a great understanding of the Homeowner’s prospective and is passionate about their concerns throughout the claim when representing an Insured.

Gary Lee Anderson (License #2F84366) has been a B-Licensed Contractor for 33 years in California. He began working in construction in 1984 and specialized in Fire Reconstruction for the Insured back in 1997. His entire history as a contractor was that of working for the homeowner and Insured. He has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of construction including the estimating and settlement process with insurance claims. Gary’s passion for helping people shows in everything he does and were part of his decision to become a Public Adjuster. In all his years as a Contractor he has worked with many of the different Public Adjusters in the Southern California area including many claims with Public Adjusters Of Southern California. When Gary decided to became a public adjuster in 2007 his decision was simple as to which Public Adjusting Company he wanted to work for as he shared the same values with Troy Schmidt in Public Adjusters Of Southern California. Public Adjusters of Southern California was his only desired partnership in becoming a public adjuster.

Audrey Jeanine Giber (License #2C66073) has been a public adjuster for 17 years. She first became a Interim Public Adjuster in 2001 and has been fully licensed as Public Adjuster since January 2002. Having been a business owner Audrey knows the importance of helping with her clients needs & desires. As a public adjuster she has always been supportive of her Homeowners & Clients. Audrey is knowledgeable and familiar with the entire claims processes and also aspects of public adjusting. Audrey enjoys the customer service assistance as she loves helping people as well. Knowledge, Experience, Integrity and Character are the reasons she decided to work with Public Adjusters of Southern California.

Aubrey Sheree Waterman (License #2L98572) has been in the fire restoration industry for over 6 years. In 2008, she graduated from Biola University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Management. Following graduation, she worked in the Property Management industry for 2 years where she proactively assisted, advised, and maintained communication and operations with Association Board of Directors, vendors, suppliers, and Association members. Her expertise in fire restoration and construction began in 2010, working for a Southern California Restoration and Construction company who specialize in working with the Insured and Homeowners Associations. In 2017, she became a licensed Apprentice Public Adjuster. Aubrey has a genuine passion for helping and supporting the needs and concerns of others. She puts the Insured first, doing everything she can to make them feel comfortable and empowered in navigating their claim process. Aubrey’s values of integrity, knowledge, transparency, and empathy for others, directly aligns with the experience, reputation, and leadership of Public Adjusters of Southern California.

Amberlee Ritchey (license #2K98560) has been working for Public Adjusters of Southern California since 2014. After her first year, she became an Interim Public Adjuster in 2016. She has been fully licensed as a Public Adjuster since October 2017. Having been in the customer service business for over 7 years, Amberlee enjoys helping people with their needs. She is knowledgeable and familiar with the entire claims processes and most all aspects of Public Adjusting. Knowledge, integrity, character, hard work and dedication are the reasons she decided to come work with Public Adjusters of Southern California.

With Troy & Gary as partners, along with their associates Audrey, Aubrey and Amberlee (and their dedicated office staff, Irma & Nabella), they make a great, well-balanced team. All five are involved in the adjusting of claims.

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