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What Does It Cost To Utilize Our Services?

When all is said and done, the services of a Public Adjuster don't cost the client any money and here's why. Would you rather have 100% of a thousand dollars or 90% of two thousand dollars?


On average Public Adjusters of Southern California are able to settle claims at a rate of a minimum of 17% better than one can on his own. This information is based on case histories where victims, after being offered settlements by their insurance companies, called our office for referrals to get the work done. Knowing that they could not restore their property for the amount their insurance companies offered, we advised the services of professional Public Adjusters. The final out come was sometimes two to three times the original offer. The worst case scenario yielded a 17% higher return then if the client had worked the claim himself.

Results Are In! You Make More with a Public Adjuster

These results prove it a wise decision to appoint a Public Adjuster to represent you. We will complete all of the paperwork and negotiate the settlement with your insurance company on your behalf for a fee of only 10% of what we collect for you

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