The Public Adjuster

Who Are They?
Public Adjusters are insurance adjusters who are trained & experienced in measuring losses and adjusting insurance claims, and are the only adjusters licensed to represent the Insured in this detailed, technical, political, and complex job. The insurance companies use the services of either Company Adjusters, which are actual employees of the insurance companies trained to adjust claims the way their employer requires, or they hire Independent Adjusters, which are adjusters they hire to work for them to adjust and submit claims to them for their review. To continue obtaining business form insurance companies Independent Adjusters try to show the insurance company how they have saved them money.

Without a Public Adjuster on your side, you the Insured must deal with and negotiate with the insurance company's trained professional. The insurance company's adjusters have been trained by them to measure and adjust claims to their company's specifications and on their behalf. The Insured, unless he is a professional adjuster himself, does not know all of his options, have the training, knowledge, and experience, and may not have the necessary time each day to deal with his loss as does a Public Adjuster.

What Do They Do?

Public Insurance Adjusters advise the Insured of all their options and measure, document, prepare, present, and negotiate the loss exclusively for the Insured. The Public Adjuster meets with the insurance company's adjuster to adjust and settle the claim as the Insured desires, and in as prompt a manner possible. A Public Adjuster's knowledge of the insurance industry, its politics, insurance company's tactics, insurance company's contractors and contents restoration companies, insurance company appraisers and other insurance company allies, and how to combat each of them is invaluable.

When Do You Contact A Public Adjuster?

Call immediately. The most frequent and disastrous mistake made by the Insured in the adjustment of a property insurance claim is the failure to retain a competent and experienced Public Adjuster before the insurance company is in control of the claim with it's allies. Occasionally the Insured seeks to avoid the Public Adjuster's fee and attempts to adjust the claim of his own, or believe the insurance company adjuster works for them. Only after considerable frustration does the Insured then turn to the Public Adjuster to remedy what has already become a bad situation. The Public Adjuster can still help at this stage, but may be unable to reverse all of the damage that has been done and which may not have occurred had he been retained earlier. Eventually it is too late for even a Public Adjuster to be able to help. Your next option is to hire an attorney to sue the insurance company for bad faith. Hopefully you will have properly documented your claim. Don't make the same mistake this time in thinking the insurance company's attorney will represent you in court too.



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